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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cpo Price Assumption Raised

We raise our CPO price assumption to RM2,000/t (from RM1,600/t)
on the current high price of RM2,800/t and YTD RM2,178/t average.
We do not foresee CPO prices staying at current levels beyond 2Q due
to rising 2H production and slowing exports. The present CPO price is
81-123% above its long term historical price in USD and Ringgit
equivalents. EPS forecasts are upgraded by up to more than 100% but
company valuations remain stretched. Maintain Underweight.
Recent CPO price spike unsustainable. We view the recent 40%
spike to the RM2,800/t level from an average of RM1,950/t in 1Q09 as
too fast, too furious. Traders and speculators justified the high price on
tight inventory. We think a significant price correction in 2H is imminent
as inventory is expected to build up on slowing exports and stronger 2H
production. Also, the present CPO price is 81% and 123% above its 30-
year long term historical price in USD and Ringgit equivalents of
USD430/t and RM1,257/t respectively.
Bearish 2H price outlook. CPO production, which has disappointed in
1H09 due to poor weather and tree stress, is likely to rebound strongly
in 2H. Besides production recovery, narrowing palm oil discounts
against competing oils should slow exports. A return of normal weather
in the next planting season for South America, and increased trade
protectionism by the West on palm biodiesel are some of the other
bearish fundamental factors for CPO.
Earnings forecasts upgraded. With CPO price having averaged
RM2,178/t YTD and likely to remain high in 2Q on tight supply, we raise
our CPO price assumption from RM1,600/t to RM2,000/t for 2009-11.
This results in EPS upgrades for plantation companies under our
coverage ranging from 17% to over 100% for 2009-11.
Valuations remain expensive. We rate the sector Underweight.
Valuations remain stretched, especially for IOI and KLK which trade at
20.1x and 16.9x 2010 PER. We downgrade Asiatic to Sell (from Hold)
as the stock has soared 54% YTD and is highly leveraged on CPO
price swings. Sime has been raised to Hold (from Sell). Risks to our
price view are a weaker USD, higher energy prices, and further supply
shocks due to weather anomalies

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