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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fake Degree in Malaysian Public Listed Companies

Do you know a lot of directors in public listed companies didn't have a degree?

They may have a lot of business sense but zero knowledge in managing a public company.

No wonder they cannot compete globally and remain as 'jaguh kampung'.

I'm not against 'directors without degree' setting direction for a public listed company because they can hire capable managers with management experience and MBA.

Securities Commission & Bursa Malaysia which are supposed to take care the interest of investors encourage these companies to make up before going to IPO.They have conflict of interest between encouraging businesses to be listed in Malaysia and protecting investors.

Directors who do not have formal education will be asked to 'get' a degree from local universities / online foreign universities.

I've one good example here.This was taken from one of the annual report from a public listed company in Malaysia.

Please tell me if you know Honolulu University in Hawaii.

Try to dig deeper into the profiles of directors in public listed companies and you'll be suprised.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps that is a very telling sign isn't it? The fact that most of the very rich people have no degrees?

    Rather than concluding that the directors are unable to be more than "jaguh kampung" because they have no degrees, wouldn't it be more appropriate to say that getting a degree plays a very small part in becoming successful in business?

    I fail to see how having a degree helps u in managing a company. LOL, nothing against people with degree's, I have a degree and a diploma. But I would think that actual experience in the business world would provide the experience needed to survive in the business world, rather than reading it from a book that is written by people who actually do business.

    What a hilarious post.