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Saturday, May 16, 2009

SP Setia: The Strongest Developer In Malaysia

S P Setia Berhad is well diversified within property development industry.It develops residential and commercial properties. The company also engages in producing precast components for prefabricated reinforced dwellings; general building construction; and infrastructure business. In addition, S P Setia Berhad involves in the prefabrication, installation, and sale of timber doors, roof trusses, and timber flooring boards to the local construction industry, as well as production of custom-made timber frames and doors for export market; and provision of kiln dry services and property management services, as well as acts as a contractor for home automation and alarm systems, and roads and buildings.

SP Setia has a few advantages over other developers in Malaysia

a) It has good relationship with PNB which helps it to source valuable prime lands in various states in Malaysia.

b) It has been actively looking for prime lands in KL and SPSETIA has been lucky always.

c) It has been expanding its market aggressively mainly to Vietnam and other countires as well.

SP Setia has 0.19 times net gearing and RM572 million cash. Its market cap is around 3900 mil with P/E of around 20. Currently,it's trading around RM 3.86 per share. SP Setia is a good buy for those looking for long term value in Malaysian developers.

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