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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Wealth Report 2009

Welcome to the 2009 edition of
The Wealth Report, the third such collaboration
between Knight Frank and Citi Private Bank.
Over the past 12 months the economic outlook has
become even more uncertain. Most of the developed
world is now in recession, and even the emerging
economies have been forced to pause for breath. Every
commentator accepts 2009 will be tough. Our Attitudes
Survey (page 12) indicates clearly that HNWIs will look
to protect their wealth from the ravages of the
downturn with an emphasis firmly on security and
transparency rather than risk.
The tangible nature of property means it is well
placed to benefit from this shift in emphasis, and there
are signs that some mature prime property markets,
such as London and New York, have readjusted to price
levels that offer good value for purchasers. For some
emerging markets, the rollercoaster ride looks set to
continue. A full analysis of prime global markets is
included on page 26, and we recommend 10 locations
and sectors that offer potential for growth on page 23.
As property is just one aspect of wealth, we have
expanded the scope of The Wealth Report by including
an investigation into the performance of alternative
assets, from art and cars to wine (page 36), and an
assessment of the state of the philanthropy sector
(page 16). Influential thinkers, such as Alain de Botton
(page 20), also share their views on how the world will
adjust to life post credit crunch.
We hope you enjoy reading the report.

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